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Cloven Media is a data-driven digital marketing leader, providing premium media solutions for the world’s leading brands and agencies.The global mobile market is oversaturated with apps – making them hard to get discovered. To beat off the competition, you need to attract and retain high-quality users around the world. Cloven Media makes the process of user acquisition safe and effortless. 

  • Designed with a conversion focused approach for Advertisers, Publishers & Developers.
  • Our team of recognized experts in digital advertising offers world class service and is committed to efficiently scaling your business and maximizing ROI.
  • Target with the right customers and turn them in to your most Recurring users.
  • Deliver high-quality global distribution through display, e-mail, social, mobile, video and search.
  • Acquire Profitable users at scale using our Advertising Platform.
  • Worldwide verified quality traffic in CPI, CPA, CPE, CPR and CPL models.
  • Reach More than A Billion audience with different Top performing Verticals.
  • Fully managed platform with campaign optimization.
  • Comprehensive global network that provides international reach to over 180 countries.
  • Direct Publisher sources with advanced targeting on GEO, Location, Device and more.Interact with new, high-intent users in personalized manner while maximizing mobile revenues.

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