Vidnite, is the programmatic solution of Cloven Media. We provide a monetization solution. We connect quality publishers with premium marketers to engage audiences around the world and on every device. A complete network of brands, advertisers, and publishers.


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Open RTB Auction

Acquiring Audience through real time bidding process using Open exchange, open market-place. Percentage and type of inventory that the publisher decides to put on a public auction. With our large targeted inventory we provide Higher success rates and healthy fill rates

Private RTB Auction

The invite only auction wherein, we group or help Publisher our partners pick the right Demand Partner/s. We determine price through Auction and/or PMP terms. This helps our Premium-only

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Video Solutions

For Video Solutions we support several types of video ads serving them through VAST (Video Ad Serving Template) :

  • Linear ads
  • Non Linear ads
  • Companion ads

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