When you go into tech, you probably think that as a programmer, you’ll code all day and that will change the world. Coding is much more than just writing code.
In short, programmatic is a method of automating the purchase of digital ad space by publishers, using computer algorithms to determine the value of the space in question and to handle the process of buying and placing ads.


The expectation is that Programmatic will offer greater targeting capabilities and allow for more personalized advertising.


In reality Programmatic does offer advanced targeting capabilities, but it also requires data and technology to be effective, which can lead to concerns around privacy and data protection.

Excels can enable advertisers to connect prospects to targeted ads with a greater level of control and accuracy. Using demographics such as geographic location, age, gender, social group, and even the type of device the prospect is using a browser.

We expected programmatic to completely revolutionize our ad-buying process. But we quickly realized that it requires just as much human oversight and management as traditional methods.

With traditional ad placement methods, businesses and ad buyers manually purchase a specific amount. The type of ad inventory and use a more diversified approach to deliver a set volume of impressions. Hence, hoping that some of them will reach the right audience and drive conversion.

Demographic targeting can only be achieved when you can choose the types of platforms and websites on which your ads appear. Those platforms attract, using algorithms and automated systems to target ads to individual browsers and platforms. Tailoring, using information collected about each browser based on its broader browsing patterns and target demographics and website trends.

Programmatic promised us real-time optimization and better campaign performance. But we found that it required ongoing analysis and adjustment to ensure campaigns were meeting our business objectives.
The entire process is digital and fast enough to ensure smooth page loading times for the visitor without any noticeable delay.

Overall, programmatic has the potential to revolutionize the way we buy and sell ads. But it’s important to understand its limitations and invest in the resources needed to make it effective!