Some examples of creative banner innovations in rich media ads for your inspiration are as follows:

1) Virgin Mobile

The agency and designers behind Virgin’s new mobile ad used to face and blink recognition to get the user to interact with the ad in a different way.

The process is quick and easy and requires the following. Allow the display to access your webcam Blink twice to calibrate the display.

The process is simple, the setup is quick, and the result is that users spend far more time (on purpose) flipping through the ad. Expositionto the brand message, and having unique fun at the same time.

2 ) Under the dome :

Innovation also means good timing, a good example being the Draft FCB’s announcement of the program “Under the dome”. 

Aware of the privacy concerns that have been a hot topic for the past year. This digital banner production censors the website it runs. to promote the show.


User participation is key, in this ad the user must use the familiar IKEA instruction manuals to create a… ad! Let the user interact and follow all the steps to see the brand message when the ad is fully created.

4 ) Hobbit

In this case, it’s not a traditional ad per se, but a landing page built entirely in HTML5. This walk to The Hobbit movie takes you through the story and characters in a user-friendly way.

5) Dual screen (2nd screen) 

Your user will likely see your ad while interacting with their phone. So why not combine the two? 

This is a great way to showcase the features of Samsung’s new range of Smart TVs by allowing you to control them from your smartphone. These types of implementations go beyond the confines of the computer and the phone into the world of connected TVs. Allowing users to interact directly with a TV and sync the brand’s message across devices. 

6) Augmented reality

This form of interactivity allows the brand to project an object onto an image that has been printed and placed in front of the user’s webcam. 

Nowadays no printing is required as they can use their smartphones to view the AR template. Innovation in rich media banners should be an important part of your campaign strategy. The more innovative, new, intelligent, and successful the execution, the more ROI the brand and digital creative agency will achieve.